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Welcome to our MAY 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Family and ministry partners, here are some great news from our ministry

THANK YOU! to all of the churches, individuals- our famiy and friends from North Texas and the KY Network for your financial and prayer support. We couldn’t do this without you!.


Navigating through Crisis

At a leadership conference, Craig Groeschel, Pastor of Life Church and developer of the YouVersion app, said, “The responsibility of leaders during a crisis is not to encourage their team or give them comforting words, but to help them navigate the crisis.” Especially in a global crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, these leadership skills have been put to the test like never before.

The Hispanic Initiative has worked closely with Hispanic pastors and leaders to determine a course of action, providing them the most complete and up to date information available, helping to make the decisions necessary to navigate this crisis. We’ve been working hand in hand with KMN to communicate all District and AG General Council instructions and also have shared the information from the Governor’s Office and the CDC, making it easily accessible in Spanish. We are happy to serve in this capacity to our beloved Hispanic leadersthrough these events, unity and respect are growing among our churches.


Re-focusing our message:

For a long time we have focused our evangelism strategies to invite people to church. However, because of COVID-19, there is the sudden realization that we cannot invite them to our houses of worship anymore. It is worth asking this question: Do we usually invite people to church or do we invite them to know Christ? Is our evangelism about them entering the sanctuary, or entering Heaven? This pandemic has helped us to refocus on the message of the Cross and to direct people to the person of Christ and not to a place of worship.

This question is part of the heart of Radio Latido. We’ve spent 6 months developing our online radio station, selecting music and programming, and we’ve come to understand God’s heart is not for us to have a radio just for believers, but a tool to reach the lost. We have been able to invite non-believers to listen to the radio, knowing they will hear a message that can change their lives, and we pray for the Holy Spirit to bless our work so that each seed planted will bear much fruit. We invite you to pray for Radio Latido, and invite your friends to listen to it through our website or though our brand new app, available for Android and iOS!

Radio Latido is broadcasting online 24/7.

The Radio Latido app is available for Android & iOS


Online Ministry is Vital!

We have spent time working with various Hispanic ministries, collaborating with them to prepare their online presence, designing their websites and getting their social media ready to provide virtual services. We are happy to serve these pastors and help them promote the Gospel and give their message a broader reach, especially to those who do not attend a church regularly.

Our team has been meeting online with pastors and churches to help them improve their online presence.


Please pray for us!

• Unity among the body of Christ

• Health, strength, and encouragement among our team

• Please continue to lift up Alex and his family after the recent loss of a cousin due to Covid-19

• Vision and fresh perspective for the Kentucky Ministry Network as they navigate the challenges of Covid-19 and recent racial tensions in our nation

Sincerely, Your Partners in Ministry,

Fabian & Rebekah Sanchez




I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now ... (Philippians 1:3-5, NIV)

Your partners in Ministry,

Fabian & Rebekah Sanchez

Mobile: 214-916-8476

US Missionaries - A/G US Missions - Account# 289113

"On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased." Psalm 138:3

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