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July-August Newsletter - Thanking God for over 70 ministry partners and many salvations!

The Sanchez Family - Hispanic Initiative

With Rebekah's Parents

Dear Friends & Ministry Partners,

As we itinerate and share our ministry vision, we also share about the message of love, restoration, and salvation through Christ. I had begun to think that all of the people at our meetings were Christians, feeling somewhat discouraged and ineffective, because it had been a while since someone got saved. But God reminded me that it’s not MY audience I am speaking to, but HIS! And this past Sunday, a lady surrendered her life to Christ! Praise God!

We have been itinerating to raise our ministry budget for about a year and a half now. I had thought that by this time frame we would be at 100%. However, if we had been at 100% of our budget, this lady may have not gotten saved this past weekend.

Through our itineration process to date, over 20 people have been saved. I believe that God has predestined us to share at other churches as we finish raising our budget, so that others can come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and experience his love and salvation.

We are now at a little over 85% of our budget!! HALLELUJAH! Only 15% left! GLORY TO GOD!

We are also excited and encouraged to meet our future partners in ministry, and are thanking God for over 70 ministry partners who pray and support us in ministry regularly. If you are a church, a family, or an individual who has partnered with us in ministry, we want to say, “ ‘Thank you!’ from the bottom of our hearts!” If it wasn’t for you, we would not be able to be in full time ministry. As we continue to walk in God’s calling, we personally acknowledge and recognize more clearly that you are our partners in ministry. God has called us to see a healthy, Spirit- led ministry in every Hispanic community. And when we say “us,” we mean “You!” and your family, and your church together with us in ministry. Everyone who has heard our story and calling, everyone who has open their doors for us to share at their congregation or event, and everyone who has partnered with us through prayer and financial giving is a ministry partner.

Thank you! You are part of what God is doing and what God will do through the Hispanic Initiative and our family.

After reaching full budget, the next phase will be to build a ministry team, develop a website for the Hispanic Initiative, develop and implement training for Hispanic ministries, and recruit Spanish speaking or bilingual ministers to begin to plant, grow, and develop Hispanic ministries.

We earnestly seek you prayers and continual financial support, as this will be one of the biggest steps for the Hispanic Initiative and our family in ministry.


You are in our thoughts and prayers!

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now ... (Philippians 1:3-5, NIV)

Your partners in Ministry,

Fabian & Rebekah Sanchez

Mobile: 214-916-8476

US Missionary Candidates - A/G US Missions - Account# 289113

"On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased." Psalm 138:3

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