July 7, 2017

Puequeño Video Update (56 sec)

NTD U.S.A. Candidatos Misioneros Enpesando en Kentucky

Plantar, Crecer, y Desarollar Ministerios Hispanos


AG - Cuenta # 289113

Noticias de la famili...

July 6, 2017

Quick Video Update (42 sec)

NTD U.S. Missionary Candidates to the U.S. Starting in Kentucky

Plant, Grow, & Develop Hispanic Ministries

www.The SanchezFamily.org 

AG - Account# 289113

Family Update!!! 


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Pray for us
  • ​​Focus and encouragement in ministry.

  • Health and strength

  • For the right partners to join our team.

  • For us to meet our budget in a timely manner.

  • Unity in the church to plant, grow, and develop Hispanic ministries in Rural America.

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